Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Refrigerator problems…..solved?

For the last month or so the center panel of our side by side refrigerator has been heating up. I read online last night that it might be caused by a bad fan or dirty coils. Well, today I had to leave work early for a sick child. Perfect time to work on this problem! I get the child squared away and then get out many assorted tools I might need. Starting with a mop and vacuum I move the fridge out. Guess I should do that more than once every 10+ years. Yuk! Then sit down behind it and take the back cover off…..and find the problem staring me right in the face….

Warning, don’t hit more if you have weak stomach….If you’ve come here by direct link….oh well…

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Recovering Server ……

This server’s harddrive died. Along with it was all the postings and data. :( Sad thing was I was trying to back it up offsite when it died. Poo. Well, won’t have that problem this time around.